Frequently Asked Questions


What is Nanoblading?

Nanoblading, also known as Machine Micropigmentation, is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that uses a combination of ultra-fine nano needles and pigment to mimic the diameter of a real hair is the skin.

Who can benefit from Nanoblading?

- Those who want to save time from daily makeup application. -Those who are active and constantly sweating or rubbing off their makeup. -Those with unsteady hands for makeup application. -Those who have allergies to traditional makeup. -Those with alopecia or loss of brow hair due to chemotherapy. -Those who over plucked and cannot grow back their brow hairs.

What is the difference between Nanoblading and Microblading?

Nanoblading uses a conventional needle cartridge, similar to a tattoo machine, but with thinner and much more flexible needles called nano needles. The very tip of the needles is dipped into the pigment and then vibration pulls the pigment down and into the cartridge. It is then dispensed from the needle, and directly deposited into the skn. Microblading uses a manual blade configured of 10-16 fine needles. Once cuts, mimicking hair-like strokes, are manually carved in the skin using the blade; additional pigment is then left on the skin to further saturate the carved design. Nanoblading also provides an ultra-realistic effect by creating the illusion of texture, depth and movement. Soft shading can also easily be layered to mimic denisty, creating the illusion of fuller brows; a result that cannot be achieved from microblading. Nano is the newest technology in the permanent makeup industry, and therefore obtains cleaner, precise results, through a gentle application.

Why is the procedure expensive?

1. Equipment. I use the best, most-innovated premuim quality devices and products avaliable in the micropigmentation industry. I also use state-of-the-art precision needles to offer the fastest healing properties, guaranteeing safety and comfort. The needles are specifically designed to create the finest hair strokes, with maximum pigment deposition. Safety is my priority for every procedure, and therefore; I only invest in the most advanced products for better, safer, and higher-quality work. All of the products I use are developed to allow me to personalize my work to accurately achieve my client's desired result with utmost precision. Supporting the individuality and uniqueness for all of my clients are attributes I strive for! 2. Pigment. All of my pigments are developed to achieve long term colour retention and safety. They contain the highest grade of cosmetic and pharmacological ingredients, are produced with purified water, and are sterilized. All pigments used also have an internal correction factor to counterbalance any potentional red or grey healing. My pigments are 100% free of: -Preservatives. -Parabens. -Azo Pigments (Azo Pigments are the largest group of synthetic dye, however are carcinogenic in nature and therefore can be cancer causing) -Ingredients of human or animal origin. (100% Vegan) 3. Certifications. I have successfully completed and obtained three certifications, specializing in three different Nanoblading techniques including; Nanostrokes, Powder Ombre and Combination. I am also BBP Certified (safe work practices and safety awareness training) upon completing an additional training program prepared by Work Safe BC. 4. First and only. I am the first and only licensed practitioner to offer all three Nanoblading techiques, including Nanostrokes, Powder Ombre and Combination on the Peninsula. The technique, Powder Ombre, has taken the beauty industry by storm; However, to add hair strokes, creating a Combination Brow - artists use the Microblading technique. I am the first and only artist to only use the Nano Method to achieve all results, on the Peninsula. 5. Included in the price. With the service, you will also receive: -All necessary after-care products. -A aftercare information brochure. -A complimentary touchup within 2-4 months after the initial procedure.

Does the procedure hurt?

Although perceptions of pain are highly subjective, every effort to ensure you remain comfortable for the duration of your appointment is in place. This includes a topical anesthetic cream and gel are used to numb before and during the procedure. I also use a elevating knee wedge to help reduce back strain and pressure. Please keep in mind, if you are on your menstrual cycle, you will be sensitive to pain.

How long does permanent makeup last for?

Nanoblading is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts up to one and half years. Touch-up appointments are avaliable throughout the year to maintain desired result.

How long does the procedure take?

An average treatment is about 2.5-4 hours.

How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

You must be 18 years or older to be tattooed at Lovely Brows.