I cant say enough great things about Liv and my experience getting my eyebrows nanobladed by her! I had previously gotten my eyebrows microbladed a year ago and they had faded and needed some fixing up. Liv was so knowledgeable about what shape would best fit my bone structure, what could be fixed and listened very attentively about my preferences for shape and colour etc. I was also so impressed with her bedside manner and expertise of brows all around! She was attentive to making sure I was comfortable during the whole process and just the loveliest person to talk with while she worked on my brows. Liv spent so much effort making sure it was exactly what I wanted.....and they turned out amazing!!! She is wonderfully talented and I would highly recommend everyone go see her for their nanoblading brow needs!



Liv is such a sweetheart! Very friendly and focused. I thought about microblading for years, and I’m glad I waited and went with the nanoblading! Thanks for making the decision so easy Liv! ❤️